Friday, April 20, 2012

Sometimes the enemy!

So yea too of my favorite things that I do not have complete control over. I mean I LOVE cheese. If its around I usually want it. My solution so far being in the lifestyle change mode is to have Fat Free cheese around or light. I use light laughing cows which are rich and creamy... feels almost like I am cheating!

The bread OMG the bread. What I can't stand anymore is that its put on my table at dinner. I seem to just MINDLESSLY eat it.
How many pieces was that? Oh 3 now. I don't even need the butter when its nice and warm. Sometimes I want the bread, because I have the "extra" calories left in the day to eat it. Most times though I don't want to be tempted by it or even just like I said before mindless eating happens. I know its rather confusing to my friends. Sometimes I am like yea give me bread and then next time I am like keep it away from me like its the plague.
I am a complex girl with FOOD ISSUES! Sorry its so hard to understand me.
So what is it that I can say to my friends... in a nice way, I will not go out to eat with you if we have the bread, chips or cheese biscuits on the table.
Some of my friends don't have a weight issue or even a problem with food or if they do they don't care. So how is that I bring it up when I am sometimes ok with it but other times I feel like i will go running and screaming out the door if its brought to the table!