Friday, April 20, 2012

The laundry room makeover!

Ever since we moved in our laundry/mud room has been an eye sore to me, so I finally talked James into helping me fix it up!

Here is the before...
So plain and this shelf always has crap on it! 

During the tedious and time consuming task of stenciling!

The finished product!  I am going to get something cute to go on top of the washer when I figure out what I want to do!

I wanted to bring more green into the room since the ONLY green thing we had before were the little bins in the kids cubby's!

We put up the board because the pattern was more overwhelming than I thought it would be, and James said it would make his head spin if I did the whole wall!

We built this little cubby-ish thing when we first moved in but I finally got something for the top shelf and I think the wreath on the wall helped bring it all together in the mud/laundry room!

I LOVE the way the stenciling went and my next project is my pantry!  Next time my sister is in town I already have plans to stencil one bedroom wall!!!