Friday, April 20, 2012

Tickled Pink!!!

We found out #4 is a girl!! 
 I am so excited for another girl because let's be honest Preston is my 'hard' child and I worried another boy would be the same;)!  Preston bawled hysterically when he found out but has come around about having another sister.  Dorothy and Violet are on cloud 9 about another girl!  The girls will be a bit crammed in that room (until we finish our basement in about 5 years) but I have no intentions of giving up my sewing room or guest room!  I got a call from the Dr today about my ultrasound which he thought looked good at the appointment, and now says they are concerned about my placenta placement and the fact that it is on top of my scar.  I will go in for another appointment in a few weeks to find out more info but the reality is I may end up with a hysterectomy at delivery.  I have known this for a few months and have come to peace with it (after a trip to the temple).  So for those of you asking about #5 there is your answer!  We feel so blessed to have the three beautiful children we have and cannot wait for #4 to get here!!!