Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tiny Dancer

She is utterly uncoordinated but thoroughly enthusiastic. What is she most excited about, you may ask, the outfits of course! I think she's a beauty.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hit the Road Jack!

I get a horrid disease every summer.

Some hideous desire to ride in a car for many many hours. At times across empty stretches of desert and more often than not to end up in an empty stretch of desert. It is called wanderlust. It is commonly defined as a strong desire to travel, or, of having a strong desire to explore the world. Some consider it to be a simple linguistic compound of wander and lust.

I am desperately trying to control said desire this year.

CW asked me this evening why I insist on talking about how expensive gas is. Really it's the only way I can control my overwhelming desire to hit the road. The cheapskate in me, yes she does exist, is helping to keep me in check. That and the promise of England in 2009. As if the thought of 14 hours in a car with three screaming children is not enough to try anyone's sanity.

Do you look forward with anticipation to your yearly hiatis from home? Do you hear the siren's call of family, friends and fun? Or would your rather hang at the homestead?