Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's wrong with me

I haven't been here to post anything lately. Well I guess its because I am just into facebook. I post updates there. Yea so if your not my friend on facebook then yea I guess you don't get to know whats going on with me.

OMG my cousin contacted me on facebook. Yea I know not such a big deal for most. But I haven't been in touch with my Dad's side of the family since he passed away. I am happy he found me. I wouldn't have been able to find him.
I am loving facebook though. As you can probably tell by my many mentions of it in the posting.

Lets see what else has been going on. Well I went to the chocolate salon in SF. It was um A LOT of chocolate. I don't think WI today is going to be that fabulous. Oh well its life... its happens.

Steve and I are thinking of going camping next weekend. Its still a little chilly at nights but should be ok. We went in November so I think I can handle April!
Maybe I can go horseback riding.

I've been doing some meetups lately. Whenever my migraines aren't bothering me too much. I miss a few hockey games too in the past couple of months. When I am not feeling well its hard to go into a crowded area with screaming people. Yea not good for headaches.

SO other then that not much else going on. Steve and I will probably go to the Temple on Saturday.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How to eat a kangaroo

Yes, I know what you're going to say. "How can you eat them? They're so cute!" Well, let me let you in on a little secret... kangaroos aren't so cute. They are vicious little beasts. Did you know they have sharp toes nails and powerful legs that could rip you to shreds? Really it's more of a matter of self-defence eating them. Either him or me, you decide.

Having already heard about how eating kangaroos is actually good for the planet, I decided to do my part. Following is an account of how it's done.

Step 1 - Buy the kangaroo meat at your local grocery store. Yes, you can actually find it. They even have kanga bangas if you should feel so inclined. I opted for the roo on a stick. Much more tender, and even a little seasoned.

Step 2 - Con a friend into grilling it for you. Everyone has their price, honestly. Depends on what friend you are getting to do the deed. Fortunately I only had to share the wealth to get my friend to help a brotha out.

Step 3 - Patience. Rome wasn't built in a day, and kangaroo isn't cooked in a few seconds. Surprisingly kangaroo meat cooks just like any other meat. Who'da thunk?

Step 4 - Presentation. Any good culinary artist knows that presentation is everything. How the food looks influences how you think it will taste. Note the simplicity of our presentation... simple white plate, roos on sticks.

Step 5 - Indulge. My first taste...

Step 6 - Evaluate. My reaction. I should note that I look much more dismayed than I was feeling. Is this how I always look when I'm contemplating something? What kind of friends are you who didn't tell me how ridiculous this looks! Seriously. I'd have told you.

Assessment - Roo is good. Tastes almost exactly like beef. No gamey taste, and other than being slightly chewy I would eat it again. Just a heads up for those who are planning to come visit... you will be required to eat roo.